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To look forward to something that has a strong chance of not happening and you may or may not know it.
Im constantly given false hope when people say me and my ex will get back together.
by pctv September 27, 2007
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False hope comes under depression and deep emotions, you hope that something will happen and the opposite does. You may trace your fingers along your skin and reach for a blade but nothing has ever cut deeper then believing in things that don’t happen, some days for people it could be depression or suicidal thoughts that get in the way of your dreams so they just become false hopes.
‘That’s a dream I have, but what’s the point I’m just gaining false hope.’
by Deaddreams_x January 27, 2019
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McCain: People should vote for me, at least I don't spew false hope like Obama does.
America: Then you shouldn't have picked Sarah Palin, you old jackass
by successfulheterosexual June 13, 2010
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