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To stop caring.
To leave someone alone.
To let someone do them.
Lexi - Look at these messages between ____ & ______.
Samantha - Damn you should just fall back.
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To stop talking to a female/male for a bit because things are moving too fast or you're catching feelings too quickly and you need a break to give each other space

To just chill out from that person with no contact
Girl: hey tomorrow do you want to go to the movies? I know
Boy:I don't know about that
Girl: Why not? You have plans?
Boy: look I think I'm gonna fall back fr a minute
minute. I just think we're moving too fast.
by prettyvibez December 27, 2014
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To loose feelings or to give up in a sense
Becky: "I caught Jim texting amber I think it's time to fall back"
by Janet hither August 02, 2014
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you need to chill get out of my shit
It's a dude all in your face tryin to get your # or somthin so you gotta be like"yo fall back son"
by Beth December 15, 2003
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An agressive term refering to someone that is acting up. Someone that needs to calm down, back off, or step off.
Tom "Yo son, where the fuk is my money?" Peter replies " What fam, you pressin me? YO FALL back!! FALL BACK!!"
by rszab001 June 17, 2007
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