To stop caring.
To leave someone alone.
To let someone do them.
Lexi - Look at these messages between ____ & ______.
Samantha - Damn you should just fall back.
by Rs. (Real Shit.)🙌💯 December 25, 2014
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To loose feelings or to give up in a sense
Becky: "I caught Jim texting amber I think it's time to fall back"
by Janet hither August 2, 2014
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Slowing down your walk in order to look at a girl's ass. Occurs mostly in school in the middle of the hallway.
Bobby: Yo, you watch the game last night?
Jim: Yeah dude, did you see tha-
*Hot girl walks off to the side*
Bobby: Dude, Fall back
Jim & Bobby: Dat Aaass!!!
by MuthaFuckinFinn June 11, 2014
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When you retreat in battle, but not completly. When you fall back in battle, you retreat to a position and than continue fighting. Retreating completly is when you abandon the whole thing.
Mulholland: Fall back! Fall back, men! Now! Move! Move!...
*After falling back*
Mulholland: Lie down here! Lie down and load! Lie down and load! Load! Load and fire! Quickly! Blaze away, lads! Do it, boys! Fire, boys. FIRE!
*After a few minutes of firing and suffering tremendous casulaties*
*"Every Man for himself" officially makes it a retreat*
by Jedi_Master June 17, 2008
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To tell someone they're wrong.. I don't care nemore... Or to leave it alone
ayO leave me alone & fall back already!
Ahhhhh your wronggggg so fall back!
by Melah August 8, 2003
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(Verb) To slowly stop caring about someone or something. To become void of emotions towards a certain figure.
Girl 1: He wont respond to my text messages what should i do?
Girl 2: Girl just start falling back he won't realize what he had until it's gone.
by Luv Doctor July 11, 2015
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