3 definitions by Luv Doctor

(Verb) To slowly stop caring about someone or something. To become void of emotions towards a certain figure.
Girl 1: He wont respond to my text messages what should i do?
Girl 2: Girl just start falling back he won't realize what he had until it's gone.
by Luv Doctor July 10, 2015
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(Verb) For someone to unexpectedly stop texting you back and or unexpectedly start to ignore you although they do not give you a reason.
Girl 1: Omg girl he won't return my calls or texts.
Girl 2: Sound like a good old fashion case of getting eddied.
by Luv Doctor July 11, 2015
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thomas a boy who loves a bianca they are a beautiful couple and bianca should start a relationship wit him
"those couples are like bianca and thomas
by Luv Doctor April 11, 2009
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