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verb: to leap forward foot first to kick someone who is far away from you, shouting "FALCON KICK!"

noun: A big leaping kick made famous by Captain Falcon, the main character in the F-Zero game and anime series. It is characterized by Cpt. Falcon flying forward from a standing position, foot first. His leg is covered in fire and he yells "Falcon kick!" Also spelled kyick
Cpt. Falcon: "FALCON KICK!"

Announcer: "GAME!"
by Xenomorph42Q May 13, 2008
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Much like a Falcon Punch gives a pregnant woman an abortion, a Falcon Kick is a kick to a guy's balls so hard it castrates the recipient.
Woman: I don't want to get pregnant with this guy!

Man: I can Falcon Kick him for you if you like.
by Thief Of Time777 April 16, 2010
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