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It is from the TV show How I met Your Mother. When Robin tries to say "Ted, I love you." She ends up saying "Ted, Falalffe"
"I love you."
by Barnana June 22, 2009
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Quite possibly the most offensive word to date, fallaffle insults any man, woman, or child who has any opinion of any kind. It also applies to animals including germs and seamen (we dont know what those count as). If you are dead, you are still offended. This word is prejidice against all races and cultures and is so powerful it causes buildings to shake and crumble to their foundations and makes 50 cent himself toss both quarters down the drain, fall to his knees, and weep. Religion is the most powerful form of opinion and therefor is insulted more than any other catagory.
"Dude why are you such a crotch muffin?"
"At least Im not a Falaffle"
by Thane January 18, 2007
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The act of tickling someones ass until it gets annoying.

Originates from Mattie in Chemistry.
Hey John, let's go falaffle Reusten!!!!
by SexyRubenGrouperNancy March 09, 2018
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