Mark: I'm falafeling between going to bed and that chick.
Rabiah: That's my sister! Quit falafeling and pick her already!
by littlebrowngirl March 21, 2015
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When you laugh so hard you fart.
PMSL Oh geez, I just falafeled something shocking! Phew! (waves fart away)
by DayleSnail February 13, 2009
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an adjective describing something absolutely amazing, cool, nifty, zingy. it's the new "sweet".
That's so falafel! or Her face is so not falafel.
by Mallory Moretti May 21, 2006
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fucks capa quiz every night of chemistrty exams
Hey capa where were you last night?
Capa- "doing my Capa Quiz with a big juicy falfel"
by Capa Quiz May 10, 2005
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when you and another person are close enough and practically dating, but you do not want to put a label on it
"What is up with you and John? Are y'all dating?"
"Nah we are just in a falafel."
by your_local_papa_frita March 06, 2017
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A stash of narcotics, esp. one designed to be hidden in the rectum.
Man, I was glad to take that falafel out of my pants and spark one up
by TTTTTT June 28, 2014
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