A big city in Runescape. west of Barbarian Village and east of Taverley. Has lots of big white buildings and walls.
I went to Falador to kill a few guards.
by King_Pin666 October 26, 2007
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A city in the MMOPRG game, Runescape.
Pwner Owner8938: Im in Falador, wherere r u?
Ginam5454: Im in the wildy.
Pwner Owner8938: O, b careful!
Ginam5454: Up yours! lol jk
Pwner Owner8938: Not funny.
by Darbyyyyy November 11, 2006
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A massacre in a game called runescape. It happened 6/6/6 in many towns in Runescape and was cause by a glitch that happened when the first player to get 99 construction had a house party. It was soooo laggy that it kicked everyone to Falador and the people that were in the boxing ring at the time of the boot were aloud to kill people outside of the wilderness withought the other people fighting back. One of the most known killers is Durial321. There were a total of 2 billion coins lost that day and have never been recovered. On every June 6th people usually plant flowers in memory of the people who died. This was the first and only massacre in runescape.
Yo, did u hear about the Falador Massacre?

Yeah dude, its terrible.
by Runescape Info December 13, 2010
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A while ago, on June 6th 2006, (6/6/6) there was a glitch in Runescape which allowed players to kill other players sans the wilderness. This was supposedly due to the new update of Player Owned Houses. Durial321 was one of the many who killed people in Fally, and has become something of a legend to Runescapers.
Player: "What?"
Player: "...Good for you."
by JustinCase000 April 6, 2008
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