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A tan that has been took TOO FAR. These are the people that tan five times a week and still complain that theyre 'Too pale' You'll Often find these people wiht heavy makeup that makes then look almost like a Ritz crackers with some unknown spread. These people are also known to get skin-cancer and still think it was worth it.
Guy1:"Dude...That Lady...She's so...Tan.?"
Guy2:"Thats Abby...Shes tans twice a day... I think she baths in tanning oil..."
Guy1:"How can people even stand getting a Fake and Bake...? You look soo..."
by DuhLindsey July 02, 2009
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by garv November 10, 2003
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Usually a woman, who spends most of their time in a tanning bed, becoming more orange by the day for vanity's sake.

Stuck in the 1980's.
friend: holy shit that lady is tan, she must spend all her time at the beach!
me: nah, she fakes and bakes.

friend: holy shit that lady is tan, she must spend all her time at the beach!
me: nah,she's a fake and bake

friend: holy shit those ladies are tan, they must spend all thier time at the beach!
me: nah, they're fake and bakers.
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005
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Taking the day off school/college/university/work to get high with friends.
Teacher: "Where were you on Monday?"
Studennt: "Mate, fake and bake!"
Teacher: "S'cool, then."
by Barwick Massif' February 27, 2009
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