A word added to Urban Dictionary that has never, ever, been used by anyone in real life, but is instead created by one person thinking they are funny. Easy to spot because:
The page has one definition.
You have never heard of said word or phrase before.
Appearing as the word of the day.
Person #1: 'I climbed an organic stairmaster the other day, then I signed on a neverendum.'
Person #2: 'Stop trying to make words up, you dumbshit. Nobody finds it funny when you make a fake definition. Help yourself to some cyanide.'
by A Ferret October 28, 2010
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A term defined on Urban Dictionary that has NEVER been used in that way before. It's not rare to see them as the word of the day, unfortunately. Sometimes, they appear as the first thing you see when you look up a term that has an actual meaning that ISN'T whatever the fake definition says, and sometimes, the specific fake definition has many other people defining the same fake definition.


1) Sexual "definitions" that "defines" something that is neither inherently sexual nor used in any sort of sexual term (ex: one of the definitions for downloading)

2) "Definitions" for common real life names (ex: Susan)

3) Inside jokes between like 1 or 2 small friend groups
Jack: Yo Brain let's search up our names on UrbDic to see what kind of fake definitions no-lifes there put as the "definitons" for our names.

Brain: Apparently, they put "a cool and chill introvert" under my name

Jack: Cool. I got "a fuckboy who made so many girls (and boys) lose their virginity".
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 6, 2022
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Inaccurate definition of terms previously accurately defined in Urban Dictionary that are used for deceptive purposes.
The most recently stated definition of {boofed or Devil's triangle are examples of a fake definition as well as perjury when defined that way under oath.
by GEK October 2, 2018
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A trend among some Tumblr users where they invent a dumb definition for their URL and pretend someone on Urban Dictionary actually posted it. Usually they sound very narcissistic and is quite obvious that they were made by none other than the person who posted them. Most of the other users can't stand them and actively make fun of them.
Person #1: Hey, have you seen what somebody wrote about that Tumblr user on Urban Dictionary?
Person #2: That's clearly such a fake-ass definition, like no one would ever say that about them without being paid or seriously obsessed!
by Actionables June 28, 2014
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