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He is the type of guy who is always staying strong no matter what the situation is. He is very patient, creative and good in improvising. This guy is also a very good listener and very charming. He tends to widen his circle but kept all of them in arm length. Loyalty is his number one moto.
Wow, that guy is so loyal to his girlfriend. Just like Faizal !
by RobertPachinko April 23, 2018
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verb: The act of completely and utterly satisfying your partner sexually. It can also be used as a way to indicate the level interest in a potential partner.

Note: Never to be used in a negative manner.
Speaker 1: Man, that chick is hot.
Speaker 2: Hell yeah! I would faizal her

Speaker 1: How come you look so tired bro?
Speaker 2: I was up all night faizaling my chick.
by the.a.dogg July 30, 2008
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(as part of the expression "to pull a faizal")

male impulse to have his genitalia acknowledged by a touch, sniff, or wink.
Emphatically yelling "Just touch it! Just look at it!", Faizal unknowingly pulled a Faizal.
by FaizalK September 14, 2005
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Used as part of vocabulary used on astro turf soccer pitches. It is used to show someone is good at football. Originated from legendary soccer player Faizal.
by FS June 28, 2004
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