The G.O.A.T, Greatest of All Time. This is a person who's the undisputed King of Fags. The Michael Jordan of Faggotry. Someone who wakes up and 1st thing on their mind is "what should I do today to be a massive faggot?"
"Did you hear that Toby ratted out the kid who was sleeping with the hot teacher? What a faggoat."
by Gabe Asher September 7, 2020
Faggoats are a type of person in school. They are seen as animals and should be treated respectedly. These creatures come in groups of sporty kids. The sports they play are usually NFL, Rugby etc...
Look a wild faggoat
by xXx_The_Real_Sniper_Dean_xXx November 29, 2017
A straight male who posts homosexual poems on walls for others to see and write on. Also, can be used to describe men who run with goats, men that cry when their girls leave them, and all Navy men.
The kid posted the poem on the Brokeback Mountain picture by Kara's room hoping that she would come home and see it. What a freakin' faggoat!
by Craaazy Fool November 26, 2006
A disgusting subgenre of furry that is a goat, this was created by the cringy game UNDERTALE from the horny dreemurr family, no matter what you think or say these faggoats will always be homosexual. These creatures will do anything for sex including pay others for body on body contact.
Did you see that faggoat in Walmart that got kicked out for sexually harassing one of the employees.
by xXxSupremeFaggot69XDRAWRxXx October 16, 2017
"That goat must be a faggoat because he keeps doing that other male goat in the butt."
by Teatz January 14, 2009
My friend Adam Karl is a "faggoat". He is a straight up goat, and he is gay as fuck.
by greatjob ADAM April 24, 2021
one who enjoys looking at goatse
Man, you're such a faggoat
by BJORN October 6, 2004