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A person suffering from symptoms which are but not all:

-Urge to call everyone noobs
-Has a weird obsession with the word "pwned"
-Does his work but doesn't study
-Plays to much mmorpg
-complains; Cold, Download Quota, Video Games, Bags etc etc
-Cannot speak his own language
-laughing at everyone's misfortunes
-The people he sits next to wants to punch him
-When he loses at anything, he will attempt to make an outrageous excuse

There are 2 types of this illness.

Type 1 (Chronic)

This is the chronic Faggitis and there are only a few left in this world. Although they are a rare and protected species, many if not all have tried to attack him but all attempts were unsuccessful. This is a purebred genotype

Type 2

Type 2 is a lesser version of type 1 but it is still very dangerous. Type 2 is caused one a Type 1 is converted/turned into a less "faggier" person by either his friends or family. This is a Hybrid genotype
<student 1> Oh crap its the kid with Faggitis!!

<Faggitis sufferer> HAHA! you got "pwned" last night noob

<student 1> WHACK WHACK

<Faggitis sufferer> What was that for?

<student 1> Your have Faggitis
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