Verb -
The act of smoking in such a way that the smoke only stays inside the person for a minimal time. The fagger would inhale and quickly exhale a puff; annoying all others around who smoke properly.
Dude! WTF! Don't you know how to smoke?! Stop fagging!
by MrHappyTurtle September 11, 2010
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To act in a flamboyantly homosexual manner of panic involving the flapping of arms, wrist flicking, increased figididity, girlish screams and repeated use of "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!"
Dan starts fagging about at even the first sight of an insect
by DCCW84 July 11, 2008
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1. Fucking someone of one's own gender.
2. Acting homoerotic
3. Masturbating, especially if the masturbator is ugly or fat.
4. Being touched by someone unattractive or undesirable
5. Synonym for fucking, used as an adjective
1. I hear Billy was fagging Jim last night.
2. Ryan was fagging around at lunch and got beat up.
3. I hear Chris B. was fagging off last night and it landed on his dog.
4. Ryan dude, quit fagging on me, christ!
5. That is one fagging cool car.
by Cottonshot September 23, 2004
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The act of being called a fag. Usually shouted out of the window of pickup trucks in small town america. Seldom is a fagging committed by a single person -- or when the number of fags to hillbillies in approximately one to one.
Long haired guy walks into a Bob Evans. Someone calls him a fag. His friend shows up and the same thing happens to him.
"I got a fagging from those dbags in the corner booth,"
"I also was fagged on the way in."
by Stuey B June 23, 2007
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Fagging is when a 40-foot gerbil sticks a fag up his ass.
My ass feels so empty, let's go fagging.
by Lowrider June 3, 2003
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