A Fagasaurus Rex is mostly defined as a gay
black person, paying homage to the other insult, calling a black person a dinosaur.
by C3PJOE June 03, 2010
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One of the most frightening things in the world, thought to be extint, but these creatures are very much alive. a fagasaurusrex is a huge flammer that is very aggressive in getting his point across that he is a homo, and is very aggressive in trying to get dick or man anus. They also usually dress scene i.e. hot topic and/or american apparel or really preppy i.e. aberocombie and/or hollister. sometimes even both. normal hang outs for the fagasaurusrex are the mall, indie cafes, western bars, bath houses, gyms, and of course gay bars.
fagasaurusrex: "Hey wanna go back to my place for a few drinks and you know fun?"

Straight male: "no thank you I dont like to take it in the brownie cave."

fagasaurusrex: "I can change that...."

Straight male:"Hey! fagasaurusrex I'm not a fucking fudge packer, you need to fucking leave me the fuck alone!"

fagasaurusrex: " I like you and want you, and we can do this the easy way or the hard way."
by Ryder07 December 25, 2010
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Leader of the pack of any given group of Gaybo Watsons. The Fagasaurus Rex is usally the flamer, and prefers to wear thick makeup and lots of bright red lipstick. His clothing usually consists of high heels and his ex-wife's wedding dress. He tends to be super gay, and lets anyone and everyone know it.
"Oh my god, look at that Fagasaurus Rex! Hey--wait a minute. Holy shit, that's Chip the wrestler from high school. Didn't you guys used to ride to school together? Are you sure you're not a Gaybo Watson?"
by Scotty Smith October 29, 2007
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Sprouting from the words Tyrannosaurus "the King of Dinosaurs"
and fag "a homosexual", Fag-a-saurus Rex refers to a deeply homosexual man. One that lacks even the smallest amount of dignity, testosterone, or self-respect. The King of Fags.
John: Was that a chick with a dick ?

Wilson: Naw man that's just a fag-a-saurus rex.
by Elton John21 April 20, 2008
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mixing the words fag,dinosaur,and t-rex which makes the word fagasaurus rex
ted sucked joe's dick so i called him a fagasaurus rex!
by muoio April 10, 2011
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