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A playful combination of the names, Finn and Sadie. It is a ship name given by fans for the teen actors, Finn Wolfhard and Sadie Sink; who each played a key role in the second season of "Stranger Things." It started just after the second season got released, when the young cast went to a series of interviews together to promote the show. It was seen by some fans that the two interacted well together in the interviews...which then inspired these fans to romantically fantasize about them as a couple. The ship got more attention later on, when the two took pictures together in some events.
Fangirl#1: Oh. My. God! Finn and Sadie would look totally cute together!
Fangirl#2: HA! Definitely! FADIE is ENDGAME!
by Supermundanae August 03, 2018
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A ship name for finn Wolfhard and Sadie sink a unbelievable and unbroken relationship (and not as friends) kinda ship love them together
Sadie-fadie is our ship name silly!
Finn-oh . Hahahahaha.
Fadie will live for ever.
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Very sociable but weird. Loves to go out and get drunk, dances until bending over backwards head touching ground.
Come on fadie, it's time to go home.
by Johnny gosh December 21, 2016
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fadie is a ship name of Finn and Sadie from stranger things idk how people can ship them they do NOT look cute together and they do NOT have chemistry
me:omg do u ship fadie?
person: not at all I don't like fadie!
by dontcomeatme August 18, 2019
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