A creative way of rejecting something/someone especially in the case of a prospective love interest whome a person would never concider. The equivalent of "boy bie". Term was originally used by industry people who would reject "talent" by thanking therm, then asking for the next one to come it.
Made mainstream by Ariana Granda's hit song Thank you, Next where she thanks each of her exes then moves on to the next one.
Aura: Steven just sent me a dick pic and asked me to come over to smoke.
Julie: You mean your creepy dealer with the baby mamma drama and the IQ of a 12yo child?
Aura: ugh yeah, he's been coming onto me a lot lately even after I told him I just want weed.
Julie: Then drop him. Thank you, next.
by OrahBora March 4, 2019
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