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A man who is occasionally handsome; although he has a sexy character. A player of sorts, but supposed to be an honest man. May have a small penis, but he makes up in many other luxuries.
Girlfriend number one: Hey! Who is that??
Fadel: *cough* My other girlfriend?
Girlfriend number two: *smacks Fadel* You didn't tell me you were with someone!
Fadel: You never asked...
by Blu Nailz October 08, 2010
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A very honest and trustworthy man capable of many responsibilities including caring for his loved ones so much that he will risk his life for their’s,he is very handsome sometimes a player but he truly only cares and loves one...he is a leader and has a strong sense of motivational spirit as he is always happy at least on the outside as he might have some inside depression which he most likely will not talk about as most Fadels are inside persons, very closed and will not talk about their feelings even to the people closest to them, as that can be a little concerning and hard when dealing with a Fadel. He is very romantic and can be the most charming person you know.
“Go get yourself a Fadel” ,”he’ll lift you up”
by ..Prometheus.. January 07, 2018
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