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the access of a Facebook account by a third party, unknown to the account's owner, which alters and adds humiliating or otherwise derogatory words to the account's profile for the purpose of a prank. The act usually takes place between friends after one leaves their Facebook account logged in.
"Aw man, someone totally Facebook raped only interest is 'dildoing menholes' now. I gotta log off next time I leave the library."
by Foxtail December 15, 2007
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Facebook Rape occurs when an individual leaves Facebook signed in and open to interference from a housemate, work collegue or other third party scumbag with nothing better to do.

Such rape often results in personal details and profile pictures being changed to hillarious, often false but in some cases, true information. High levels of damage occur when the third party has long periods of time in which to Rape your Facebook.
"Ah f*ck I left my facebook on and my details and picture have been tampered with in a hillarious manner against my will; I've been Facebook Raped!"

"Engaged?! Ive been Facebook Raped!"

"Favorite Movies: 'Farm Boys 2 - Pitch my Fork'?! Ive been Facebook Raped!"
by MATTC88 June 11, 2009
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This is when go on to Facebook (or My Space, Bebo etc) under a friend's user name because they've been silly enough to keep their account logged on unattended. Once you're on, to punish them for making this silly mistake, you then message random people random things, changing their status etc. (nothing offensive obviously). Once the dirty deed is done, log off leaving them none the wiser.
'I went went on facebook on a pal's computer, I forgot to log off and got facebook-raped!'
by TJ27 February 26, 2009
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When facebook "upgrades" a service that you were used to and comfortable with and forces you to permanently use a new, less convenient one with no say in the matter.
This violation is reoccurring and requires no consent on the part of the facebook user.

Also, facebook has no actual support service so complaints of facebook rape go unanswered (sort of like claims of rape in certain neighborhoods in Camden New Jersey)
Shit! The latest facebook rape combined my photo selection, message manager, and poke button into a new clusterfuck of programming that keeps stalling and shutting down! Fuck you Zukerberg!
by pandaninja May 22, 2011
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The act of repeatedly updating a friend's facebook status when he leaves the room to take a shit. Although it was against his will, his repeated lack of awareness proves that he was asking for it.
Matt: Dude, I totally wrote this thing on Jason's facebook status about sucking cock for like the third time.

Gary: Man, I really admire your persistence! He was really asking for that facebook rape.
by Dante1940 March 17, 2010
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The facebook rape, more commonly referred to as facebook raping, is the art of sneaking into someones room while they are in the toilet/brushing their teeth/getting a glass of water/etc and updating their status to things like "Brokeback mountain is my fav movie" and "last nite I cried all through the Notebook", facebook raping can also include changing someones info to make them look gay.
Andrew: Tony I just facebook raped Blake.

Tony: *laughs* this is gonna be good.

Blake: F**K you guys, who said I love the Notebook.

Andrew: *laughs*

Tony: *laughs*
by Theroommate;) August 18, 2010
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1. The act of vandalizing someone's facebook by gaining access to their profile and inserting blasphemies or funny statements in their status, wall, inbox in an intent to slander or embarrass them in front of their friends.

2. Spamming someone's wall with hundreds of posts to annoy the shit out of them.
"Dude I just facebook raped Kim's profile. I changed her pro pic to Gary Coleman and changed her name to Allota Fagina"

"Hey who wrote all over my friends walls that I'm comin' out of the closet? F**k I just got fb raped!"

"Nigga I'ma bout to rape ur ass on facebook if you don't keep blowin' up my inbox"
by your_majesty January 17, 2010
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