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A phrase used when one is being weird, or awkward. Especially used when there is nothing else to say, or someone has said something uncomfortable.
Or good at science..
Aileen: Sloanzy, I think you are beautiful.
Sloanzy: .. (awkward silence)...
Aileen: ...
Sloanzy: Sick freak.. (walk away)

Billy: Yo, CHeck out DiS siCk FreaK
by Mr. Sloan September 21, 2006
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Someone, who does something disgusting, or tragic
Brooke: I gave sam a blowie last night
Mo: you SICK FREAKK!!!!!!!
by abii solaja July 10, 2008
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A sick freak is a person or person(s) who wants to see doo doo streaks in your underwear...ehem...HANKE!...PHIL!
"All you sick freaks in the club tonight....pull off your skippies and throw up your stains!"
by tmm June 29, 2006
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