1. A Facebook Troll is a Facebook user who posts for one or both of two reasons: a) to disrupt; b) to gain attention.

2. One who posts redonkulous comments on friends status updates.

3. Vulgar Facebook Trolls usually confine their comments merely to primitive, profane, off-topic observations.

4. Facebook Trolls spout gibberish in the hope that they’ll either bore or confuse to death those with whom they disagree. The average FB Troll is “a pursuitist who gromulates his adversarial computerists with height defining formulations to the disinterestingest adjunct.”


1. Attempts to condescend. The Facebook Troll will seek refuge in condescending remarks that repeatedly scorn his or her critics as beneath – all the while continuing to respond to them.

The verb troll originates from Old French troller, a hunting term. The noun troll, however, comes from the Old Norse word for a mythological monster.

A Facebook Trolls favorite website is encyclopediadramatica.com

Synonyms: Facebook PMS, fail at life, Facebook Thuggin, first comment whore, Facebook, facedonkulous, Anna Bananna, facepalm,

Antonyms: moderators, Adonis DNA, double cheeseburger challenge, Double Decker House Wrecker Blumkin AC Slater, Winning
Clark(status update)
Happy hour 4-7 at Haabs is legit, 2 dollar shrimp cocktails
20 hours ago via Email · · Like ·

Anna(comment) ur cashed in life

^^ Facebook Troll
by lolclarks March 25, 2011
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Someone who responds/replies to your status updates: (1) too frequently (2) in a contrarian manner (3) that aren’t meant for them (4) about inside jokes that they don't get and/or (5) only know the status update's author as an “acquaintance” rather than an actual friend.
You are always posting on my status and ruining the intent of the post, preventing further discussion and generally killing my mojo. I barely know you. You are a Facebook Troll.
by LorenzoJones March 25, 2011
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(Trollus familiarus)

A friend or family member who posts immediately on your status updates with the (perhaps subconscious) desire to make you look like an idiot. They may well think they are doing you a favor.
Congrats on winning the Nobel Prize, it's hard to believe you're the same guy that crapped your pants in third grade — signed, your Facebook Troll
by teeceeTO July 11, 2010
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Someone that feels the need to make a joke out of every post they see.
Me: Looking to buy a lab coat
Facebook Troll Nita: I have a jedi cloak.
Me: Troll!
by candy` August 27, 2012
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Someone who adds you as a friend because you have mutual friends and they are trolling thru your facebook to be nosey..someone who is jealous of you and seeking to find something they can use against you!
Since I started seeing Mark, his ex added me so she can be a facebook troll . Looking thru my facebook page trying to find something she can use against me later.
by CrazyCajun6969 January 19, 2017
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When someone updates their facebook status, only to get people to comment and "like it." Commenly updated with witty song lyrics, or generic statements like, "Boys suck!"
Wow, this is the tenth time she's updated her facebook status with song lyrics, she's facebook trolling.
by BeefBot April 18, 2010
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