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Some one who will talk a lot of shit over a status or on a picture, mabye even in chat if there balsy. But when you try to tell them to say it to your face or confront them they decide its best to run away and scream like a pussy. Then the next day they do it again.
Kid 1: (on Facebook status) YO FAGET!! Fuck you and your mother. You a pussy ass nigga.

Kid 2: Oh yea, say that to my face in school tomorow.


Kid 2: You fucking facebook gangsta go to hell
by FO SHIZZLE DAWG November 13, 2009
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A person on the social networking site Facebook who leaves inflammatory, slanderous, and generally hateful comments on other people's Facebook walls with a total disregard for people's feelings or ability to cause them physical harm. They may also click "like" on status updates that suggest the user is having a bad time.
Ben you are such a Facebook Gangsta, I'd like to see you say that in real life.
by Lady Lumsden February 15, 2011
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A facebook gangsta is a person who raps about guns, money, bitches, prison, weed, larceny, murder, cars, and any other gangsta shit on there wall or walls of other people. The rap usually comes in text form.
you're a facebook gangsta when you talk about your glock and doing time.
by onlinegankster December 08, 2009
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