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Basically facebook drama is drama that occurs on facebook. The term drama encompasses emotional, personal things, including fights, personal opinions ect.
Because of how facebook is built, there is a high degree of access to others conversations, and people who may have never talked see what others say. Since all people believe they are right, they feel the need to point out where others are wrong, in what they said, what they did their opinion, who they stick up for, ect. Another way to prove someone wrong is to invalidate them, in facebooks case usually means insulting them. The subsequent arguments are drama, and are termed facebook drama, because without facebook it is highly likely none of it would have happened.
you know when one of your friends says something, and you comment on it, and another of their friends doesn't get it, thinks your serious, and viciously attacks you over it? That's facebook drama
by rinree December 14, 2010
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