A feeling that represents something fabulous while making you feel fantastic.
Leftover bbq drunk at 2am on Sunday is fabtastic.
by DeeDick July 6, 2019
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When something is so beyond being fabulous and fantastic but not good enough to be fantabulous you describe it as fabtastic.
That gucci shirt Jane is wearing is fabtastic.
by elilylove April 10, 2016
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someone or something that is so fantastic and so fabulous that its both!
that steak was so fabstatic.

Man I like you so much, i just want to say that your fabtastic.
by Nikhil Mathew February 13, 2007
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It's the combination of "fabulous" and "fantastic".
I heard the pool at James crib is fabtastic!
by edamaslow December 28, 2011
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A word someone like Barbie would use
It’s basically saying fantastic and fabulous at the same time
Only people who wear lots of pink say this
OMG that’s so fabtastic!!!
It’s so pink and fabtastic!!!!
by Nikki Wilder April 16, 2019
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Fabulously fantastic! (Combo of the two words 'cause saying both together is way too much!)
I spoke with him the other day. He's so fabtastic!
by Paddybainski August 6, 2006
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