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Fucking Useless Information. What most emails you receive marked FYI really are.
"I wish he would stop CCing all of us on emails FYI. More like FUI".
by Anton Vettel December 03, 2009
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FUI: Facebook Under the Influence. The act of writing, participating, or using Facebook, or any other social network while intoxicated. The modern extension of drunk dialing.
I never should have messaged he/she last night on Facebook. I was so FUI! Now I'll never get in his/her pants!
by Dr. Basketcase December 16, 2008
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"Dude, I should get an F.U.I. I got on Facebook last night after the party and called my X a cheating whore on her wall!"
by Auraten January 27, 2010
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fucking under the influence. having sex while also experiencing the effects of drugs, alcohol, etc. FUI is the 8th deadly sin and is punishable by a 6 month suspension of your fucking license.
Dude I don't remember her at all...I must have been FUI, I don't even remember her name.
by kittybaby7 June 17, 2007
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Variation on phooey. Contempt or disgust towards something perceived as complete bullshit.
Q: Hey, have you tried Amway?
A: Fui!
by AtomSmasher October 29, 2004
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Stands for "For Your Information"
Mother: I bet you have been the whole evening with your friends.
Daughter: pfff, f.u.i, i was at the library studying
by Loyda Quintana January 07, 2008
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