1. Fuck the world.
2. For the win.
3. What the fuck backwards.
4. Free the whales.
5. Feed the walrus.
Britney Spears: I'm tired of your crap Kevin
K Fed: Yeah, And?
Britney Spears: You know what, I just want to FTW
John: Hello there!
Mike: Hi! Do you like my shirt? Its sponsered by 7-up, FTW!
Rihanna: stahw siht txet?
Chris: What the heck are you saying?
Rihanna: I'm speaking backwards silly!
Chris: Do you understand this? FTW!!!
Whale Lover: Please! FTW! It's for their own good!
Whale Killer: Bitch, please
Walrus: I'm hungry as heck! *pimp slaps*
Fish: Why did you do that!
Walrus: Cause im mike jones, bitch!
Person: Just freaking FTW so you don't get pimp slapped!
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1. For the win/for teh win.
2. Fuck the world.
3. Fuck the what?
1. Hell yeah, Asian food FTW!

2a. Dom: Have you heard that song FTW?
Jake: By who? The Vines? Turbonegro? Tupac? Someone else?

2b. Man, this world is full of shit. FTW.

3. Dude, you hear that? My mom's having sex with the pizza delivery guy!
Marko: FTW???
by Highly Evolved June 24, 2006
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FTW is an abbreviation for the phrase "Fuck The World". Which was used by and most commonly affiliated with American neo-nazis, and bikers from the late sixties to the mid eighties. It was a common tattoo and often found in the form of graffiti on police stations, and foreign owned business's.

FTW is also and most recently an abbreviation for the phrase, "For the Win." Which is strictly internet slang. "typed not spoken"
Mac: " Hey Wolf the cops got billy, and they made em reck his bike! He's in real bad shape...."

Wolf: "Well shit man, we gotts go bust em out!"
Mac: "Huh, no way man that's suicide! We gotta lay low for a while."
Wolf: Ahhh shit, FUCK THE WORLD!

by akiraDeathStar June 13, 2009
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Acronym for "For The Wolf", coined by Amir Blumenfeld of CollegeHumor's "Jake and Amir". Amir got Jake a wolf as a holiday present, then got a collar "for the wolf" the next year.
Jake: "What is that?"
Amir: "It's a collar"
Jake: "For what?"
Amir: "For the wolf! For FTW."
Jake: "I don't have the wolf anymore, okay?"
Amir: "For the, it's FTW. For the wolf."
Jake: "The wolf's dead. They euthanized it in my apartment. You wanna dig it up? For the wolf?"
Amir: "...for the epic wolf"
by Xtreme2252 August 08, 2010
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