Shit! He doesn't like me....FTS!
by bridgetkileyy January 14, 2011
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Stands for "Fuck that shit". Often used to disregard something unappealing.
Person 1:You guys got your ass kicked in basketball today.
Person 2: FTS. You're black and like 7 feet tall!
by FlaminPlaidDuck November 8, 2010
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Fuck This Shit

Usually said when a person has given up or is in an extremely bad mood.
FTS im done!
by Kamakazi339 October 22, 2008
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person1: man he look so ugly wit that for head
person2:wtf your always FTS
person1:whats that mean

person one get stuck in the dome...
by Duhreyrey July 21, 2010
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FTS stands for Fat Thumb Syndrome.
its is commonly confused with the FTS meaning of fuck this shit

FTS occurs when someone with fat/chode thumbs is texting and hits more than one button

Many people in this day in age suffer from FTS most cases are chode-like males, however there are some rare cases where certain girls can get it
"how was dance tonight"
^normal person with skinny thumbs
^a princess who suffers from FTS(its okay though because she won homecoming princess, shes the most popular girl at MWHS)
by MostPopularPrincess December 1, 2009
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For the suck. Even worse than "For the Failure."
Like, huh.....dude, Converse FTS!
by JackChingWallabing April 3, 2008
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