person1: man he look so ugly wit that for head
person2:wtf your always FTS
person1:whats that mean

person one get stuck in the dome...
by Duhreyrey July 21, 2010
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Stands for "Fuck that shit". Often used to disregard something unappealing.
Person 1:You guys got your ass kicked in basketball today.
Person 2: FTS. You're black and like 7 feet tall!
by FlaminPlaidDuck November 08, 2010
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- Follow the stars
This stems from the days of Colombus, where the crew of his ships would scream "FTS! Follow the stars!"

- Feel the strength

- Find the shoes

- Fuck that shit
We're lost now? Damn, FTS! Lets go home.
by magicbutter May 09, 2004
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