-"fuck man i have double methods tomorrow.."
-"ohhh fts"


-"i cant get the answer to this question..fts im going to bed"
by age&pooj March 06, 2008
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"Fuck That Shit" When you cant say Fuck that Shit...like in public.
When nothings going right, and your in a public place where cussing is not cool...just say FTS
by j April 24, 2004
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An acronym for Fuck this shit, which is only used when you find something so annoying, need to ragequit (See Ragequit or ragequitting), or when you just get fed up and need to let anger out, regardless if it'll make a scene or not. Tends to happen in MW2 or any other really addicting game or in a workplace.
Example 1:(Office setting in work, names are not real in any way, shape or form)
(Dave typing on computer, and suddenly computer freezes)

Other Worker: Dave something the matter?
Dave: Yeah my work is fucking gone, no thanks to this crap computer.
Boss: Dave where's that paper?
Dave: Computer froze, and I don't have it.
Boss: Get back to it or you're fired.
*Dave gets up, flips his desk, and smashes his computer*
Dave: FTS, I'm leaving. Just because I'm not going to swear at you.
Boss: You're fired!
Dave: You know what? I take it back. Fuck this shit and FUCK YOU!

Example 2: (Kid playing MW2)
Troll in game: You mad bro?
Kid: FTS!
*Throws Controller*
by Taeron November 12, 2010
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FTS: for the streak. Used when sending a snap to someone in order to keep your streak with them.
Oh man. I gotta send Ali a snap FTS.
via giphy
by DTTTAU August 17, 2016
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Abbreviation for "Fuck the Scouts" as in the Madison Scouts of Madison Wisconsin, the biggest group of faggots and ass-douches in all of DCI, an abbreviation for Drum Corps International. They look like gay park rangers and play faggy Alicia Keys music while they suck each others cocks. Can also be lengthened to FTMFS, "Fuck the Mother Fucking Scouts."
"Did you hear the Scouts play Empire State of Mind last night?"

"Yes, I did. They are super gay and should go die. FTS!"

"I concur. FTMFS!"
by bonesknows January 06, 2012
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Fixing to Start... a country term for PMS, or a woman or girl who is about to start her period...
she is so moody, she must be F.T.S.!
by wes0407 November 12, 2008
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