Acronym for "fixed that for you."

Often used sarcastically - not to fix an honest mistake, but to sarcastically disagree with someone.
Person A:

"One Direction is awesome."

Person B:
"One Direction is terrible. <-- FTFY."
by brznks June 25, 2013
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FTFYFixed That For You
"i can't see the image?"
-"its ok, i FTFY"
by princess_fitz April 15, 2005
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Originally means "fixed that for you." It also works as a double meaning for "fuck this fuck you." It's only used in that derivative in closed circles to confuse those that aren't in "the know" and is usually used in cases when two parties argue over something innately idiotic that has no logical outcome.
User 1: This game is awesome!
User 2: "This game sucks!" ftfy
User 3: ftfy
User 1 and 2: lol wat
by Agamemnon582bce April 29, 2008
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Fifty(50) is the number that comes after forty-nine(49) and it is the half of one hundred (100). It is one of the infinite possible numbers generally used to count physical or digital entities.
“I’m just fucking with ya, FTFY means Fixed That For You lol
by PenaPVP August 27, 2019
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An abbreviation for either "Fuck that, fuck you" or "fixed that for you.
Guy 1: Hey dude, can I get your cookie?
Guy 2: No, ftfy
Guy 1: Did you fix my laptop yet?
Guy 2: Yeah, I ftfy
by espio100 July 15, 2015
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An initialism whose true meaning is "FUCK THIS, FUCK YOU".
You misspelled this word in your tedious diatribe. FTFY
by l0de radio hour September 23, 2010
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For the Fuck, YES!!!!!
hot girl with hot ass walks by... FTFY!
some states an opinion you passionately agree to... FTFY! you shout...
by WillisFTFY January 18, 2011
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