Fuck Those Fools or Fuck That Fool
When some on is making all sorts of excuses for flaking. Or when someone does you dirty, and someone else asks you what you think of them, your response should be man, FTF (Fuck That Fool)
by SkYyBaLLa May 04, 2009
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Fugly Troll Face
a person who is really ugly and resembles a troll.
"did you see that girl? what an FTF!"
by choColat3 May 10, 2010
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Dude #1:Why are you cutting yourself you emo phreak!
Dude #2: What, I cant cut ftf?
by Chundo375 June 07, 2009
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FTF (fun team forever) is an acronym used to describe the most fun & dynamic team working at an NGO. It usually involves youth related initiatives.
What are you doing after work? FTF planned a happy hour...who would miss out on that?
by Vern SpeedRacer July 03, 2012
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