When you wanna ask somebody for weed but can't actually say it cus some people r idiots.
Hey, any fried chicken left?

Nah, sorry man...
by Avdka November 03, 2010
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Fried Chicken,

Name of a sex position. When you and a girl are lying on the beach ready to get on some action you penetrate the girl first than when you come out of the girl you dip your dick in the sand en than penetrate the girl again.
Last night I went with the girl from last night to the bitch and we did the Fried Chicken, pow!
by Foskuh July 25, 2010
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Fired chicken is fried in the outside and chicken inside that when u taste the awesome of a fried chicken it will make u sing fried chicken,fried chicken,fried chicken
•Good with baffalo sauce just saying
Chicken is something good . u are just saying that fried chicken is really good it not just good it's fabulous .
by Laughoutloudlol May 26, 2015
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What black people love the most, their dicks! They are fried so black, and chicken meated megapenis!
by ruckasboy June 08, 2017
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A food that everyone should love. Crispy brown outside, hot white inside. It isn't just for black people but for everyone and everything
Jim: Man, i'm so hungry.

Bill:Well lets go to your house and get some FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!
by wolf168 August 20, 2016
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Sex. On FML.com someone posted that they accidentally yelled pollo frito (or fried chicken) during sex. Therefore from now on fried chicken should mean sex. To have sex, the act of sex, sex in general.
I had me some fried chicken last night.
I would love for him to fry my chicken.
by fmylife_is_hilarous April 06, 2009
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The leftovers after using a vaporizer for Marijuana. As the weed is being vaped, one could say it is being fried. Named for the fried taste it gets.
Did you get a hit?

Nah, its friedchicken.
by cDawson415 June 23, 2010
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