Saying that you will follow anyone who follows you for the sole purpose of increasing the number of followers you have in an attempt to appear more popular. This tactic is mainly used by middle-aged adults on tiktok who do not possess the ability to create relevant or humorous content and dream of the days when they had thousands of "friends" on Myspace. They have no idea how ridiculous their account looks with 10,000 followers and only 30,000 likes.
Middle-aged tiktoker: 24 hour follow challenge(follow for follow), you follow me, I'll follow you...

*Relevance has left the app*
by @Console_Harmony July 29, 2019
Some small bitchboy slides into your dms and asks you to follow back
More commonly known and stands for FFF
by XBloody_zoeX May 3, 2021
When some small bitchboy slides into your dms asking for a follow back
"Your the guy who asked for follow for follow?"
"Wanna do follow for follow?"=)
by XBloody_zoeX May 3, 2021
Follow for Follow?
I want my fucking Fortnite instagram-account to grow
by A nony Mous E August 8, 2019
Follow for follow is mostly used in instagram, it means if someone follows you you follow them back
follow for follow anyone?
by Younaaammmeeeit January 10, 2017
Fake ass people who tend to follow every trend. These people tend to live a fake life because they have lost their own identity.
A lot of Nigeria people are follow-follow peeps.
by femzy February 2, 2020
When someone says they will follow you if you follow them back or the other way around on social media.
My content is too trash to get people to follow me so ima fill my follows with people who will never watch me anyway!

The reason I have 1000 followers and follow 1000 people but have a total of 2 likes on my account is because I spam everyone's DM's with "Follow For Follow!"

"Want to Follow For Follow?"
by Butter Mi1k August 1, 2021