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Response to anyone outside of Reddit using r/woosh, it signifies that by doing so you are a true clown. It can be used preemptively or as a counter or follow-up to r/woosh.
Mostly seen on TikTok being used by real gamers to call out salty fake gamers and Fortnite plebs.
Fake gamer: "This video is fake af lol!"

Real gamer: woosh r/🤡

Fake gamer maybe you should look up rwoosh before you use it. r/wooooosh!

Real gamer: 🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏 exactly what I thought, TY!!!
by @Console_Harmony August 17, 2019
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1. (verb) To smash an orange in, on or around anyone or anything.

2.(verb) The act of smashing an orange.

3.(noun) A word that ryhmes with orange.
The bus-driver would not stop yapping so little Timmy opened his lunch bag and pulled out an orange which he used to smornge her in the face!
by @Console_Harmony March 29, 2020
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A person on the social media app TikTok who creates fake videos showing merchandise that is popular with TikToks youngest users such as Apple iPhones and Airpods and says they are giving them away to each person that follows, likes, shares and comments. They also do livestreams where they tell users that are viewing that they will give them the merchandise if the user "gifts" them a "drama queen"($50) which they do, and never get the merchandise because the TikTok faux jock never had the merchandise to begin with. This type of TikTok #fakeclout hustle and livestream scam is almost exclusively done by teenage boys targeting pre-teen to teenage girls as seen in many of Verified TikTok "star" Brandon Mandaras page and livestreams.
Brandon Mandera: Yo, I'm giving away all these phones! Do you want one? All you gotta do is Follow me, share this video, like this video, like all of my other TikToks, follow me on Insta-gram then comment when done, I'll know if your lying so hurry up and do it!

12-year old girl: Done! I want an iPhone please! Mines broke and I really need one.

TikTok Gamer: OMG! you don't believe that TikTok faux jock do you? its a scam smh.....
by @Console_Harmony September 12, 2019
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2019 update: Slang to describe someone who is any of these: naive, weak, simple-minded, sheep-like, gullible, brainless, clueless, no common sense, easily tricked/fooled etc. and/or someone who plays Fortnite. Mainly used by 9-13 year olds on TikTok to describe other 9-13 year olds on TikTok.
9 year old TikToker: You think Minecraft is better? No, Minecraft and Fortnite are both good games!

Other 9 year old TikToker: Ok gacha user...
by @Console_Harmony July 25, 2019
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The sound that is produced by the withdrawal of a male member from the rear end while in prison.
Whack azz rida: Yo you hear 6ix9ines new song "Gooba"?

Real G: Oh yeah, he spitting about that prison time getting it all up in it for sho! Late night all ya heard was that Gooba Gooba echo all through the block yo!
by @Console_Harmony May 11, 2020
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A term derived from the westernized definition of otaku combined with the name of fictional Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey character Harley Quinn. OtakQuin is singular and plural and describes anyone with an unhealthy (usually sexual) obsession with the Suicide Squad/Birds of Prey version of Harley Quinn as well as any woman that dresses up as Harley Quinn more than 120 days of a calendar year.
Person 1: Why are so many girls dressed up as Harley Quinn this Halloween?

Person 2: Because they want attention from all of the boys that are obsessed with Harley Quinn ever since Suicide Squad came out, damn OtakQuin.....
by @Console_Harmony October 30, 2020
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Saying that you will follow anyone who follows you for the sole purpose of increasing the number of followers you have in an attempt to appear more popular. This tactic is mainly used by middle-aged adults on tiktok who do not possess the ability to create relevant or humorous content and dream of the days when they had thousands of "friends" on Myspace. They have no idea how ridiculous their account looks with 10,000 followers and only 30,000 likes.
Middle-aged tiktoker: 24 hour follow challenge(follow for follow), you follow me, I'll follow you...

*Relevance has left the app*
by @Console_Harmony July 29, 2019