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FNE means that fucking noobs,nubs or neebs r everywhere and wont leave u alone
hey man that is the collest thing ever i love it dammmmmm
omg FNE. plz go away
by Ruben Rosen January 12, 2006
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First Night Excitement - drinking too much alcohol on the first night away on holiday or when you have visitors that you are hung over for the main event the next day.

Symptoms may include black outs, embarrassing acts and being kicked out of said accommodation.
"What happened last night?"

by Livi rose January 30, 2012
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1) "Fne" is a sarcastic remark normally implying that the person you're speaking to is fairly uneducated. Such as saying "durr."

2) "Fne" may also be used as a "whatever" remark.
1) Sally: Hey, your coat is orange!
Tommy: Fne!!!

2) Mom: Honey, did you get your homework done?
Child: Fne.

3) Friend: Dude, you suck at video games.
You: Fne.
by ~HentaiXXX~ December 20, 2008
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Fine Nigga Express (mostly used in texting). An acronym used to describe a boy or a group of boys
Friend 1 : Do you see those fine niggas ova there

Friend 2: IKR FNE!
by Junieeebugg January 13, 2018
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