A fun game that is horror and the meaning is basically five creepy robots stalking you all five nights
Fnaf is fun :)
by Animelover2871 July 16, 2021
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The most complicated thing in the multiverse behind how do short people get a girlfriends.
What, you expected an explanation of the fnaf lore, you did? Well your stupid.
by The one who asked December 4, 2021
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Fredsters Fnaf
by lanjaarpisrogan May 24, 2022
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when your headphones probably got water or some shit in them and now they make sounds that sound similar to the Five Nights at Freddy's cameras.
Damn bro my headphones are fucked, I think I spilled water on them.

for real man?

yeah they make weird static noises, i got them fucking fnaf headphones lol.
by Moikey1306 December 24, 2021
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