Another way of saying the word shit
Kid: Hey dude wanna go play FNAF?
by Mr. big E. June 11, 2019
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A game that 12 year old kids play that dont know what the fucking there doing with there life"
12 year old Joe: Yo download fnaf

23 year old Lincoln: no that for fuck bois

Joe : well then I will fuking delete :(

Lincoln: but your 12 dumbass
by Boywhodidyofukinhairline March 16, 2020
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Short for Five Nights At Freddy's (A Horror game) created by Scott Cawthon who at the time was making games that didn't go far but after the realease of Fnaf 1 started to gain popularity and popular YouTubers (Example:Markiplier) played the game it was successful enough that Scott has made quite a lot of games even one in vr. Fnaf has a lot of people who like it and a lot of people who hates it.

The plot of fnaf is very complicated like very complicated so complicated that MatPat (Game theorist) has made a lot of theories and a lot of the time it's the "Final Theory" but it never is.
Matpat: final theory
Next episode
Matpat:Final theory
Next episode

Matpat:Final theory on fnaf
by A Pigeon..... Idk April 29, 2020
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fnaf is short for " Five night's at Freddys", a horror game by Scott Cawthon
guy 1: "i just completed night 4 in fnaf!"
guy 2: "congrats!"
by fnaf December 30, 2015
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A random game where you get scared to the point of shitting yourself
My son had a heart attack because of fnaf
by Doggie 45 August 24, 2020
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An abbreviation for "Five Nights at Freddys", a very popular indie horror game that is praised by many, but hated by many as well. The first entry was released in 2014, the creator Scott Cawthon made it in the first place because of the criticism he recieved on his other games for being too creepy, he turned that criticism into a fully fleshed out horror game franchise and made millions of dollars off of it, this kids is why criticism is important (Unlike *cough cough* Other devs *cough cough* YandereDev *cough cough*).

The first game had an overwhelmingly positive response encouraging him to make the sequel, "FNaF 2", which had just as much if not an even bigger impact than the first one, bringing out FNaF content creators we know today whose first videos that blew up were based off of FNaF 1 and 2, such as, Dawko, 8BitRyan, CoryXKenshin, DA Games, TLT, and many more.

Since then it had basically been smooth sailing for Scott from there, at the time of writing this definition the 10th game in the series, "FNaF security breach", is coming out soon, but who knows, when your reading this it could be on the 20th game, or even more!

FNaF has gotten a bad reputation for having a young fanbase who usually make bad fanart and porn for the game, the reason kids like this even get acknowledged in the first place is because of people sharing the cringe pics for updoots AKA internet brownie points.
Professional Redditor 1: LOL look at this cringe picture LMAO FNAF SUCKS DICK LMAOOOO

FNaF Fan 1: STOP NOW ASdSSHDgauydgwauy
Professional Redditor 1: LOL kid can you not take criticism or something? You can't handle anyone attacking your favorite game can you?

Chad FNaF fan 2: Hey dude, have you realized that constantly bullying a fanbase is not criticism, and your generalization of the entire fanbase doesn't help either, instead it antagonizes the entire fanbase and just makes them sad/angry? You also complain about how when you were a child you got bullied by older kids that made fun of you for playing minecraft, but now you are becoming that exact person you despised and like to make memes about. Also you can't expect a fanbase filled with children to take criticism well most of the time, can you? Also assuming just because most of the fanbase is cringe does not mean you can hate the game, it's not the games fault that is has a mostly horrible fanbase, Scott doesn't encourage furry porn in his games, now does he?
by Uklop October 29, 2020
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