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Basically a horror game trying to survive 5 nights as a nightguard, just closing doors and checking the cameras. The 4

animatonics are Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and including Golden Freddy. These animatronics are possessed by kids that Purple Guy, AKA William Afton, killed. And there is more fnaf game series, like Sister Location, Security Breach, and there is also the fnaf book series like Into The Pit, etc. And even more animatronics are created! And also, the Afton Family died from accidents. The members of the Afton Family are William Afton of course, Clara, even tho she is not confirmed, and the 3 siblings are Micheal, Elizabeth, and Chris/CC/Evan/Norman. The reason why I putted alot of those names for CC is because his name isnt confirmed, so therefore people can name him however they want. So, if you like animals and horror games, then this game is for you. Buttttt one problem, they cost money sadly, so make sure to ask your parents for permission to get the app. And also, jumpscares are included, so if you dont like jumpscares thsn just dont play. Can be played on VR, mobile, IOS, and Xbox (I think) and And I dont know what to put more here, so I hope this helped what fnaf is and makes sense O>O
by GalaxiaWXLF May 19, 2021
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