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The abbreviation for when a girl says “Fill me up daddy!!!”
Was fucking this rando bitch last night and she was like FMUD!!
by kgriffin033 February 17, 2018
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fmud is an acronym for fuck me up daddy. applicable in nearly every frustrating, inconveniencing or arousing situation.
upon realising she was short $5 for pizza, Jane muttered to herself, 'fmud.'

Gerald saw a photo of Tom Hardy whilst scrolling through fb and exclaimed 'fmud' aloud.
by kendirk November 18, 2016
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- An acronym of "Fuck Me Upside Down", a term to express one's speechlessness to an extraordinary happening.
- An alternative for "no way" and "GTFO"
Example 1:
Friend 1: Hey did you know there is a real functional hoverboard?
Friend 2: Really?
Friend 1: For real, bro.
Friend 2: Aw FMUD you're serious?

Example 2:
FMUD was that a herd of elephants running through the store?
by tehbossBelgian July 03, 2015
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