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When life is so shitty that FML just won't cut it, you have Fuck My Fucking Life
George: "Man I just got kicked out, FML"
Ryan: "Oh yeah? My girlfriend is cheating on me with my brother, I just got fired, and my herpes test came back positive, FMFL!"
George: "Yeah dude, FYFL, freal."
by alinaduh March 22, 2009
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An abbreviation for 'Four Mother Fucking Loco'. The term FMFL is used to describe the toxic effects of the alcoholic beverage Four Loco , such as drunkeness, sloppiness, and an inability to remember events.
Dude: I don't remember a thing from last night.
Another Dude: We went FMFL.
by CrayCollegeKid January 24, 2012
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