Guy 1- All women do is FLC
Guy 2 - FLC?
Guy 1 - Fuck. Lie. Cheat
by Odnt November 25, 2020
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fat lazy cunt a person that’s normally overweight, lacks ambition and not fond of physical activity
That guy in the office is always on the internet, he must be a FLC
by JeanWhat July 2, 2018
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It is the acronym for former military training base, Forest Lake College home of hoax alien sightings and various local legends ranging from staff conspiracies and corruption of the like. Nevertheless the grounds are immaculate and pretty, featuring a centrepiece fountain and thus is also a popular venue for weddings.
Person 1: wow, he looks pretty and immaculately kept
Person 2: hmm i dunno...looks a bit FLC bruh, there's something conspiracy-alien-army-like about him.
Person 1: true that betchass, lets roll
by Forest Lake C September 26, 2009
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Fraser Lake Camp

An awesomely awesome overnight summer camp in beautiful Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. (Near Muskoka)

Run by a not-for profit organization that helps get's kids out of the city and into the great outdoors.
Kelly: Hey I just got back from FLC.
Meg: Oh really? I was a camper there 3 years ago!
Kelly: No way!!
Meg: Yeah you should go check out their website, we should both sign up for next summer!
by xenu! May 24, 2008
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F.L. Chamerlain=it is a place that sucks big donkey cock and i hope that it burns to the ground and all of the motherfuckers in die a horrible flaming and painful death.
!!!!!!!!!!!GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuck FLC,Fuck FLC,Fuck FLC,Fuck FLC,
by Matt DiBiasi September 29, 2004
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"Failed Lane Change"
Said in response to when people fuck up
i.e. - trying to sneak outta your house w/ a friend for a smoke and you break a bottle and wake up everybody in the house.
by Jack-4E October 15, 2005
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Frank Likes Cock. Alot.
Hey, look everybody, its FLC!
by Snarf September 15, 2004
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