Finley is a epic cutey, he'll give you cuddles and snacks and will love you unconditionally. Finley enjoys movie dates and quite hangouts with best friends. Finley, being mildly shy, is a social butterfly when he's around his loved ones and enjoys their company very much. Finley is such a sweetheart and his grins and chuckles is always contagious. throughout your time with fin-master-general, you will witness some epic gamer moments done by him for example: he will give you hugs or hand squeezes when you're feeling upset or stressed, he'll always check in to make sure your okay and blow up your phone with encouraging and loving texts. Every time Finley and I would chat he'd always find a way to make me giggle or smile and maybe even blush, with kind and heartfelt words that come out of his mouth never fails to make me happy. he has the most adorable aura and I love him to bits. Find yourself a Finley and treasure them. <3
Friend Of Finleys: Let's go to the movies! i'll buy snacks >~<
Finley: Don't worry I got em' already :))
Friend Of Finleys: You shouldn't have!
by Crulbis_x69x December 20, 2019
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A tall boy who is absolutely crazy and always making everyone laugh. Is mental (in a good way) and prides himself on being completely different to everyone else. Very intelligent even though he always denies it and very good at fixing almost everything. Willing to do anything he can to help and make people he cares about happy. All round Finley is a very sexy, manly, creative, caring and fun person and anyone would be lucky to be his friend.
"I'm friends with Finley!"
"Oh I'm so jealous! Introduce me?!"
by yoyoyoooogf April 24, 2014
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she has an extensive vocabulary

1like = 1new word for Finley
Random dude- " Isnt Finley's gift for extensive vocabulary impressive
Other Dude- " YEs, it is most wonderful"
by watchoutitsdatboi May 1, 2019
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a boy's name meaning "fair-haired warrior", which refers to Viking heritage. A bad-ass dude with brains and brawn. Typically musically gifted and all the girls want him. Nickname is commonly "Finn".
Of course she wants him, he's a Finley.

Dude, you rock on that guitar, Finley!
by Superbad Baby February 3, 2010
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Finley is a handsome boy who is also such a badass fin is Spanish for "the end" so don't mess with him but he is loyal, friendly and caring to the people he loves if they love him back finley is a viking inherited name he is the viking warrior that is never scared to take a hit and certainly never scared to take a hit for someone he loves . He is commonly called Fin this stands for Fearsome Important and Never wrong
Girl 1, Hey do you know that boy Finley he is so handsome

Girl 2, Yeah hes lovely I kind of fancy him
by Unknown Fact Person March 7, 2020
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A loveable, kind, sweet, caring, handsome and funny guy. He is annoying at times but he listens when you tell him to. He is also rather tall.

He is a very comforting guy. He is an amazing hugger and he’s great at holding hands.

For example-
I was feeling ill and stressed on a ferry and Finley held my hand.
by That-one-potato September 22, 2019
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A girl who is unbelievably beautiful but doesn't know it. This girl will not take shit from anyone, She dose not like to pick fights but she will get physical when needed. And win. Finley is witty, Weird,Loving,Caring, And Great in bed. She is an amazing kisser and will blow you mind in between the sheets. Finley is usually very into art and and physical activity, With amazing eyes and a hot body... Every man desires a Finley. But most men will never have a chance due to the fact she is usually attracted to assholes, But Finley is loyal and is known for long relationships.
1. Oh my god did you here who Finley is with???
2. Oh yeah i herd, He doesn't even deserve her man..
1. Seriously..
2. I wonder if they have banged yet..
1. He couldn't be THAT lucky.
by JarrDog April 21, 2013
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