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Finley is a epic cutey, he'll give you cuddles and snacks and will love you unconditionally. Finley enjoys movie dates and quite hangouts with best friends. Finley, being mildly shy, is a social butterfly when he's around his loved ones and enjoys their company very much. Finley is such a sweetheart and his grins and chuckles is always contagious. throughout your time with fin-master-general, you will witness some epic gamer moments done by him for example: he will give you hugs or hand squeezes when you're feeling upset or stressed, he'll always check in to make sure your okay and blow up your phone with encouraging and loving texts. Every time Finley and I would chat he'd always find a way to make me giggle or smile and maybe even blush, with kind and heartfelt words that come out of his mouth never fails to make me happy. he has the most adorable aura and I love him to bits. Find yourself a Finley and treasure them. <3
Friend Of Finleys: Let's go to the movies! i'll buy snacks >~<
Finley: Don't worry I got em' already :))
Friend Of Finleys: You shouldn't have!
by Crulbis_x69x December 20, 2019

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