ffm stands for frankfurt am main which is a german city often used to make fun of people that look like drug addicts, act like drug addicts or just wear ALOTTTT of make up

someone: yooo u see that old man over there?
you: yeah he looks like he came straight from the ffm trainstation

example 2:

someone: that girl over there looks like shes wearing a whole damn make up store in her face
you: looks like a normal girl in ffm
by iderfyda September 10, 2022
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It means "free for mix" on the quakenet or gamesurge irc channels(Counter-strike mostly).
2 ffm - 2 people are free for mix.
by robert75 July 12, 2008
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Frankfurt am Main
City in Germany situated on the Main river. There is also a place called Frankfurt am Oder.
I am living in ffm! ;-)
by verge March 22, 2006
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