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Facebook Displays of Affection. An FBDA occurs when a person or couple post their sappy sentiments on their facebook page as a status update for the world to read. Such as: "John Doe- loves Jane"
"Jane Doe- thinks John is so cute when he inhales helium during our love-making"
"John Doe- wants everyone to know how hot Jane looked standing on the corner, all alone, in her mini-skirt and fish net stockings.... I almost didn't have the heart to hit her with my pimp-cane."
Did you see John's new FBDA? I actually gagged a little bit after I read it.
If Jane doesn't tone down her FBDA's for my brother, she's not going to be getting an invite to my tupperware party!!!
by Ripper_Jack79 July 18, 2009
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Facebook display of affection. Similar to PDA, it is a term used when people show their feelings for each other using facebook, such as matching up their status posts and using their lover's picture as their display pic.
Example of FBDA:
Jack posts: I love my Honeybunny... <3
While Nicole posts: And your Honeybunny love you... <3
by lynthebrave April 20, 2010
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Acronym for "Facebook Displays of Affection"

its when couples on Facebook post vomit worthy posts on each others walls regularly.
Her: "Oh I miss you big Munchie! Have fun at work" FBDA

Him: "I've been at work for 30 seconds and I thought I should let you know I miss you!" FBDA

Her: *status* "my Bf's been at work for 3 mins and I alllreadyyy cant wait for him to be home! xoxoxxo Always for ever!!"
by jokersharhar April 24, 2012
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