When your profile picture doesn't look like you, but it looks worse than what you look like in real life. (Can also apply to myspace, but particularly facebook)
Guy:Have you seen my profile pic???
Girl:OMG its horrible. You have a serious case of Facebook Disease (FBD). You look way better in person.
Guy: Oh really? Thanks.
by Dough.Boy. June 15, 2008
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When you're on Facebook and see your friends looking like they're living amazing lives while you're feeling like you're just barely making it and you become sadder and sadder with each update you see.
Person 1- Dude! every time I'm on Facebook everyone seems to be having these awesome ventures while I'm here sitting around! I feel like ****!

Person 2- Looks like you've got a serious case of Facebook Depression Syndrome (FBDS) going there, bruh.
by TheDavid02 June 4, 2011
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Friends Before D*ck
It’s always FBD just like BBH
by Husk0622 December 31, 2021
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