A nigga that Is a big lip ass nigga. Gets absolutely no girls. Found out that the girl he messes with had a STI.
That basketball player Jamaine Davenport is a fat lip ass nigga
by Poop -_- February 19, 2019
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an ass that would resemble my brothers ass. a big fat sasquatch hairy ass, with lint and shit stuck in all the hair. the hair is usually pointed towards the ass hole, as if it was being sucked in like a black hole
my brother put his big fat linty ass hole on me, and my face smelt like shit for days.
by sneaky nagger April 26, 2006
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The act of bending over and kissing a fat white bastards ass. Kissing up to your snobby boss. A comeback to just about everything.
John: Hey how are you doing you pompous son of a bitch
Ken: Kiss my fat white ass

Sarah: Hey you skanky hoe whats with all the meat
Barbie: Kiss my fat white ass bitch
by DEATHONASTICK June 11, 2006
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Used to describe a females ass being totally in shape and round as a peach, when you smack it it jiggles (no surgery needed)
Random:Damn shawty ass fat on my momma bruh
by Extravagant Creature September 24, 2019
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The extra skin that shows above the pant line when a female wears pants that are too tight.
Eww, look at that chick, She has pre crack back ass fat.
by SlickSista August 05, 2006
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A dumb person who was once fat but is now skinny.
Guy 1: Danm, Billy lost hella weight ova tha summer.

Guy 2: I know tha skinny ass fat gay bastard.
by Regulata May 23, 2010
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