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(faggius rattus)

person with mullet not liked my most people due to smell and that fact that its got a mullet. Enjoys boot scooting and getting off its tree. Also part of Corruption boys who drive white utes.
Its great its Grouse.
Hey Fagrat!

Man Jesses a fagrat.

Hey look hes doing the fagrat stroll

When he fags it like this will you fag him right back come on
Fa fa fa fa fa fagrat


Hey you should have seen Fagrat today he was off his tree.

You should have seen how much Fagrats eye was twitching today.

Your acting like a Fagrat
by pseudonnym August 15, 2008
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Fag is a derogatory term for a gay person. Or a term used for insults in general. And rats are commonly associated with dirty places. So when calling someone a "Fag rat" you are calling them a dirty/ gross "fag". Also used as an insult in general nkt specifically a dirty person
by Wrestler132 July 06, 2018
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Fagrat (rodentus homosexualis); noun; a rat which partakes in anal sex with another rat, likes female clothes and can often be seen with a pink handbag and lipstick.

Often used as an insult between humans
Daniel pisses me off, he is a fagrat

Fucking fagrat

Don't stroke my dick fagrat
by Dogdoo212 October 06, 2018
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