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Tai Chi Chuan, also known as Taijiquan, is translated to Supreme Ultimate Fist which is a type of Chinese martial art that was originally used the in imperial Chinese military. It can also be used as a transitive verb as an action onto which one was beaten by Tai-chi.
Jet Li, in Tai-Chi master, Tai-chi'd the hell out of everyone.
by Suijen June 1, 2005
Hey dumbass, you know that omelette you're eating?


It's my morning breakfast.

Zomg, FACS!!

by Suijen March 31, 2006
Dried blood leaked out from the anus after a wild, wild night of passion.
The aerial sandwich dripped cranberry sauce on us.
by Suijen September 27, 2006
A non-physical orgasm that is initiated by the stimulation of a non-sexual interest of a person, i.e. food, music, art, career, etc.

In such a case, replace "Ham" with the person's name.

The Alejandro Sanz CD gave Hamlet a Hamgasm, as did his high paying Linguistics job in Brazil.

Jim jimgasmed from The Beatles's album.

Guns makes me Bobgasm.
by Suijen May 23, 2007
Slan is a fictional character from the manga, Berserk. She one of the five God Hands, and a sexy succbus as well.
by Suijen May 29, 2005
A hot steamy pan of dookie pie, usually served in bed, restrained.
"Good morning honey, what's for break-oh the hell's that smell?"
"Hold on honey! *brrrp* Umph! *frapapapapapa* Ahhh. Here you go sweetie, morning breakfast"
"Oh what the Bolshevik!"
by Suijen September 14, 2005