in person, In actual contact (as opposed to online, from face to face)
Meet him F2F for once.
by The Return of Light Joker January 14, 2009
F2F has many meanings and one of them could be, Fuck 2 Forget.
Claire: “how was last night with him?”

Vanessa: “oh please, it was definitely a f2f
by T0tallyN0tT4ds December 16, 2022
face to face

when you chat online for a really long time usually on an online dating service and you want to meet in person.
hey becky can we meet f2f?
by wordman June 10, 2005
Sue is f2f.
by Sarn September 13, 2003
Fag 2 Fine. it means that a girl was ugly as hell and in a short period of time turned hot, sexy, beautiful.
Damn, in two weeks she went from fag to fine!
by luna13 March 8, 2005
It is the kind of sauce that 5hey gave at the barbecue place called farm2fork
What is f2f u barbecue sauce.
by Big Dawg dad July 18, 2022