A noble cause often used for the purposes of evil
Person 1: Hey did you see we are going to kill people to spread freedom!
Person 2: Yeah, lets force that freedom on their asses

How can the war be bad? we are spreading F r e e d o m
by Devster April 08, 2006
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An overrated value of denouncing all sorts of economical, political, cultural, familial, psychological, spiritual and emotional bounds, which once -if ever- achieved leaves one with immense anguish due to the unbearable burden of taking responsibility for certain choices and simultaneously excluding endless others and giving up the sweet warmth of being able to blame others. Such desperation leads one to reconsider the value of freedom and makes one often wish that ones freedom is quickly taken back in order for one to regain a sense of identity and blissfully start blaming others again.

The peaceful sense of fulfilment achieved by a spiritual being who has completed the process of growth, by successfully taking responsibility for his/her choices, feels content with his/her life's work and relational evolution and is ready to move on from life.
You have the F r e e d o m to do whatever you want, (as long as it is what I want).
adult child: o.k. (as long as I can blame you for the rest of my life).

I am not hoping for anything,
I am not afraid of anything,
I have F r e e d o m!

Nikos Kazantzakis
by Aniretak October 12, 2007
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A phrase the clique uses based on a lyric from "forest" by twenty one pilots. Most commonly used when someone makes a reference to the well known joshler fic "forest fic" which is very emotional and I suggest you read it if you like twenty one pilots
Josh doesn't exist, remember ?
by Tyler's Josh December 06, 2016
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F o r e h e a d is an acronym used when complimenting someone's hoodie. F o r e h e a d stands for
For real?
OMG! what a
Radiant and


Hoodie! My
are blessed.
Person 1: I just bought this hood yesterday. What do you think?

Person 2: Damn F o r e h e a d bro. I love it.
by Hoodie123456789 November 08, 2020
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